Vintage Furniture Restored: Recent Twisted Wood Projects

Solid Oak School Desk

The desk graduated from our backyard workshop after:

  1. Rust clean up
  2. Removal of some permanent marker graffiti
  3. Light sanding
  4. Danish oil treatment

This piece was not polished, varnished or heavily waxed as we found it. We used Danish Oil to finish.

“….oil has fallen out of favour during the past century. However, it is extremely durable, produces a lustrous satin finish and provides very good resistance to heat, liquids, and knocks and scratches.”

From Judith Miller’s “Care & Repair” of Antiques and Collectibles”

Curio Display Cabinets…

…in all sizes and shapes.

…all lovely.

This lovely girl doesn’t need more than a clean up and a bit of evening out of the color where time and light have bleached out the color in some places. Did you know that mayonnaise will sometimes do the job? I also have a couple of products designed to feed the wood at the same time they add color to even out the color of wood with rings, marks and places lightened by sunlight and/or drying out.

The patient is waiting for her next treatment on the operating table. LOL. This beauty had its wood worm treat outdoors. Next step? Fix wobbly legs. Some glue and some small nails needed, I think. The inside back wallpaper is in good condition despite needing to rush out about 4 a.m. this morning to bring her inside out of the sudden downpour of rain. Good thing the thunder and lightening woke us up in time to rescue her.

Not every girl can have such lovely sturdy and shapely legs!

The chairs in this pic sold as a set before the table. The table is the same one in the first picture in this post which is having weight applied to let the top surface dry to its final hard surface without bubbles. The legs and frame have been waxed to a soft deep glow so the wood will be protected and last another one hundred years.

The table was finished with a lot of elbow grease but not much complicated “fixing”. The new set of chairs are getting a final sturdiness tune up and some wax to finish off the wood. They are a upholstered in a wonderful red color.

And There’s More

More posts coming up to highlight specific projects and work in progress. (And as always, we love your thoughts and ideas and reactions/feedback left in the Comments section below this post.)

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