By Kate Williams on April 1, 2014 in Salvage Shopping, Upcycling Furniture

I recently moved from England to the USA and I’m living in the Skagit Valley in Washington State. I’m house hunting and also exploring my options for buying furniture and other home decor and home furnishing items, with an eye to upcycling and re-purposing materials and items.

My search started with a trip to McMillan Brothers Auction Gallery on Dunbar Road in Mount Vernon, Washington. What a great place! And to think I never visited them when I lived in Mount Vernon before I went to move in with my kids in England. I guess I was just too distracted by my job and commute. Becoming an auction junkie commenced in England.

First Visit to McMillan Bros. in Mount Vernon, WA

First Visit to McMillan Bros. in Mount Vernon, WA

I found some great furniture — and I got a personal tour around the auction room and storage areas.

Display inside front door of McMillan Bros., Mount Vernon, WA

And there’s plenty of furniture ready for your bids to buy furniture on a budget!

One way to buy furniture on a budget — at McMillan Bros. auction.

And here’s one that got away….Bids were just too high on auction day. It went for more than I wanted to spend at my first experience buying furniture on a budget at auction.

I have my heart set on a piece like this at some point…but first things first…I need to hold out for some basic pieces to set up a new place to live (like a couch, kitchen table, etc.). And when I buy furniture to refresh and refurbish, the price has to be right. <Sigh>

There will be many more auctions and flea markets to come!

Check out the website for McMillan Bros. Auctions  if you are on the trail, buying furniture on a budget. They have some exciting auctions coming up. There’s something for everyone from furniture to jewelry and other collectibles including fine art and toys.

Warm regards,

P.S. My next post about treasures found at auctions will be this week or next. I’ll focus on treasures to be found outside, in the architectural treasures to be found in auction yards. Don’t miss out! Sign up for my list (right hand sidebar) and get my blog updates.

P.P.S.  More McMillan Bros. pictures available at my Facebook page. Take a look (and please LIKE my page)!

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